10 Things from April

April feels like a hard month to sum up. Restrictions are continuing to lift, with a later curfew and the ability to sleep away from your home of residence. This meant the first real getaway since last October. The weather is starting to warm up and my school year is winding down. Living here brings a huge spectrum of emotions to wade through and April had a lot of them. 

Here are my ten things from the month ?

One: This Song! 

Flamenco y Bachata by Daviles de Novelda


When I really love a song I like to listen to it multiple times in a row, a few times a day. Usually only twice in a row, but still, I recognize this can be intense. I politely asked my car companion if he would be bothered by hearing this song multiple times in the same hour-long car trip. He was a good sport. Little did he know I had already listened to it twice that morning with headphones. What can I say? I am my father’s daughter. 

Honorable mention: Como Yo

Two: Chaco Weather

chaco weather


Chacos are my shoe of choice and I have been waiting rather patiently for it to become chaco weather here! When I saw the weather forecast reaching the 70’s for an upcoming trip, I threw them in just in case. It may have only been a few hours of true chaco weather before we returned home to colder temperatures and wind, but it was worth it. 

Three: Social Media

Maybe some of you saw that I rejoined the social media world and started an Instagram for this blog. I’m so glad I did because, with healthy boundaries, social media can be a major connector right now. I realized that Insta acted as a sort of bridge for some of the things I feel I’m missing during the pandemic. And while I’m still critical of social media (and I think with good reason) I also realize there are beautiful parts of it too. It’s a strange creature, but there is absolutely space for authentic connection and learning. 

Follow me if you’re interested! 

Four: Pizza


I just love pizza so much. In my last few years of high school we would always have pizza on Sunday nights, the same kind, and I never got tired of it. Jackson and I started a similar tradition, but the days have changed depending on our current routine. The new routine is to make pizza post hiking. It is the besssst. 

My favorite pizza of the month was made during our weekend away with vegetables from our hosts’ garden. 

Five: The Best Getaway 

Casa Duruxa in Asturias

We originally planned to stay at Casa Duruxa in March for my birthday, but because of restrictions it got moved to April. This ended up working out because the weather was beautiful (see chaco weather above). It quickly became clear that we had found a gem as Claudia greeted us and showed us around. Their land is breathtaking and their hospitality is even better! We had fresh eggs, vegetables from their garden and cherry jam made by Claudia from their own cherry trees. It was all exceptional. We stayed in a little cottage that was a perfect combination of quaint and updated. I especially loved the kitchen and the upstairs balcony. I’m hoping to share more about this place in the future, but it was most certainly the highlight of my whole month. 

Check out their site here to see beautiful photos!

Six: Animal Love ?

Photo by Claudia! Look at this pup ?

One of the first things we saw when we arrived at Casa Duruxa was a little border collie puppy. That was the first sign of many that this place was a gem. We met Betty and lots of cuteness ensued. There were also three cats, one of which was super eager to hang out and even sat with us while we were reading in the garden. It was good for the soul to have some animal love that weekend. I miss our cat a lot this year and can’t wait to have animals back in my life again. 

For now, cute photos of Betty and dog watching along our local beach will have to do! 


Seven: Languishing

This article from the NYT really helped articulate some of what I’ve been feeling, not just lately, but really all year. There are incredible highs while living here, but there are more days when I mostly feel like time is passing and I’m witnessing it. Recognizing that and reading articles like this helps normalize some of those feelings.  

Eight: George Floyd 

I was following the George Floyd trial closely and waiting nervously from an ocean away. I found myself, like many others, not celebrating justice, but relieved for some long overdue accountability. Like others have said, this verdict doesn’t substitute policy change. And we desperately need policy change. Gravel Institute said, “Derek Chauvin is only the sixth police officer to have been convicted of murdering someone while on duty in the last 15 years. There are thousands of Derek Chauvins out there still working as cops.” White people need to show up and actively contribute to create change. 

Nine: Quote

This quote came from the co-founder at The Daily Good, a mini newsletter I get in my inbox every day. We have to turn off the news, know our triggers, pace ourselves, but also this. Definitely still learning how to summon that strength, but working on it. 

Ten: Ruta del Cares

We finally checked off the most famous hike in the Picos de Europa, the Ruta del Cares. We tried to do it Feb 2020, but our trip was cut short and we weren’t able to. Then we started it in March 2021, but we didn’t have time to do the whole thing. So we finally committed to it, waking up before sunrise to get an early start. It’s a 13 mile trek that follows the Cares river and canyon for miles of breathtaking views without the intense climbing of many trails in the Picos de Europa. It was originally created in 1916 as the only way to reach the two towns in the winter months and about 300,000 people do it each year. 

And now I completely understand the hype.



What did April bring you? I love your responses and reflecting on the month together. 

Here we goooo May,

emma loise 


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  1. Love reading your posts, Emma! You must be having the time of your life! Keep us updated!!!

  2. I’m beginning to anticipate the end of each month, waiting for the gems in your “10 things from. . . .” series! Thanks for the song suggestions, and I’ll have you know I listened to each of them 3 times in a row in your honor. ?

  3. Oh my – the cottage, the hike, the food! Wonderful getaway.
    FYI – I’ve dug out my sandals also. Yay for warmer weather, except last week we had 2 inches of snow. I’m done with that.

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