10 Things from March

March was a whirlwind, in a good way, and taking the time to reflect on the month makes me grateful for the changes it brought. Spring gives us a chance to reset and wake up from a long winter’s nap, figuratively speaking. So here are ten things from March.


My main wish for my birthday this year was to not be celebrating in lockdown- and we made it! Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family and I’ve continued the tradition into adulthood. I spent the day drinking wine by the port, walking along the beach eyeing dogs I wanted to take home with me, and eating fancy desserts! It was a great day. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Which leads me to… 

Two: Getting Mail

I received a lot of snail mail this month, especially on my birthday (like they were literally delivered the day of!). Hearing from people back in the States is such a boost. There is something special about handwriting- reading words written by someone by hand and holding the card that they were also holding at one point. When I live so far away, it really feels special. 

Three: Gin

I am feeling this gin. After originally spotting it in October it took until March for me to pull the trigger and try it! Often times flavored liquors taste fake or too sweet, but this berry flavor is so natural with a subtle sweetness that’s just perfect. Plus it makes the most beautiful pink gin and tonics. It’s a winner for me, but I’ve rarely met a gin I didn’t like. 

Four: Flowers

To know me is to know my love of flowers. For my birthday I came home to a beautiful and HUGE bouquet of flowers that I have been basking in all week. So when I stumbled upon a farmer’s market in a nearby plaza selling calla lilies, I jumped on the opportunity to have even more flowers in the house. Spring represents so much in terms of starting again, resetting and waking up from a winter hibernation and I think flowers are a lovely representation of that newness.  This is your reminder that you don’t need to have an occasion to buy flowers. ?? 

Five: Mindfulness 

I’ve started doing guided meditation or mindfulness (I’m still not totally sure what the difference is, if there is one) in the mornings. Although it might be too early to say, so far I’m feeling really excited to have discovered this. Even after just a week of mindfulness, I noticed throughout my day taking deep breaths when I needed it. There have been moments when I’ve felt overwhelmed where I’ve been able to find some of the stillness from the morning meditation and reset. It’s empowering. I’m curious if you’ve dipped your toes into mindfulness or want to try it. I’m new to this and would love to hear what you’ve found.  

Six: Exploring Again

We saw more of Asturias this past month than all of our other months combined. It’s the combination of restrictions slowly lifting and the weather warming up (and less rain!). We explored hidden beaches, visited coastal towns, climbed some mountains and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do so. We are living in an amazing place and it is a joy and relief to be able to explore it again!

Seven: Drinking Water

I have recently had really bad knots in my shoulders and back that resulted in a pretty intense pinched nerve. While I was researching ways to relieve tight muscles drinking more water came up. That’s all I needed to hear to motivate a change. At the beginning of the day I fill my Nalgene and try to get through at least one, but hopefully two bottles, by the end of the day. Of course Jackson and I turned it into a competition and now we’re both drinking way more water than we used to. In terms of ways to take care of our bodies, this one is pretty simple and often overlooked. Get a water bottle you love and drink water, people! 

Eight: Recognizing What I Need 

Maybe you noticed that I didn’t publish this on the last day of the month like I have in the past. It didn’t happen on the 31st because I spent the whole day hiking. And it didn’t happen yesterday because I wasn’t feeling the writing when I sat down to do it. The point is, March was a lot about recognizing what I need and responding to it. Letting go of self-imposed rules and just not getting the thing done (whatever the thing is) is a pretty important lesson for me. What do you need to not do? 

Nine: Dough

I had a lot of fun this month learning about different types of dough. So many doughs are variations of the same base. And some doughs are way easier to make than I thought. I made pierogi and not only was the dough easy, but it was very forgiving in terms of stretch and workability. I also made raspberry sweet rolls and ate my favorite bread of all time, or at least current favorite – cheesy bread– made by Jackson! 

Ten: Connections

I am so grateful for the technology that connects me to you- on this blog, through video calls, texts and email. The ability to still feel connected and make connections living abroad <during a pandemic> has helped me get through. Thank you.

On to April,

emma loise 

4 thoughts on “10 Things from March

  1. I love your thoughts this month – wow to the beautiful hiking, the bread and, of course the gin! What a great birthday month for you. Miss you❤️❤️

  2. Wow! The mindfulness seems to be working. This is a great list. How many of us just “do” instead of thoughtfully thinking of why, or what appreciation is to be discovered around us? Thank you!

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