Meet Emma

I’m working every day to live an authentic and meaningful life- connecting and sharing with you is one way for me to do this.

I’m Emma – the face behind the emmaloise blog. Currently, I’m living in Spain teaching English. 

Is a meal more than the sum of its ingredients? Are you intrigued by whole food plant based eating? How do we waste less food? Is dessert an essential part of life?  

If you ask these questions too,  you’re in good company. While I might provide more questions than answers, I do know that it’s comforting to find people on similar journeys. Finding a balance in my food world means trying to eat foods in season, mostly plants, while not following a named diet with rules and limitations. I am shifting my mindset from good and bad food to just food; not glorifying super foods or demonizing fat, sugar and carbs. Balance for me is continuing to repair the relationship with food by nourishing my body, eating what tastes good and enjoying every second of it. 

Where does minimalism fit in my life? What does simple living look like? Would you rather have things or do things? How do we care for the earth while exploring it and traveling? How do I stay present and authentic in my own life? 

Nope. Still no concrete answers. But I know it’s worth trying to figure out, wrestling with and finding others who are willing to do the same. 

Things I value: authentic relationships ▲ interacting with nature ▲ caring for the environment ▲ advocating for human rights ▲ and loving yourself through: amazing food, self care and movement ▲


What you’ll find on this blog…

Me trying to balance all those things above. I love to share a wide variety of recipes and ideas that can help you find a similar balance. From the basics to complicated project meals, many of these recipes will be centered around whole foods and great taste. You’ll also find travel recommendations and odds and ends that inspire me. I hope they inspire you too! ?