Dough: The pizza crust, bread, and bagels I have on repeat

These recipes have become staples in my life and I love making them.

Sourdough Pizza Crust

Everyone needs a go-to pizza crust recipe right? I’ve tried out about 30+ different ones, and while it’s pretty hard to make bad homemade pizza, I have done it a few times. But my impatience and love of pizza paid off and I finally found my perfect pizza crust recipe from King Arthur Flour. This recipe uses sourdough discard and only requires a few hours notice. It makes two big thin crust pizzas and I follow the recipe as is. 

Sourdough Bread

Another thing I’ve spent a minute on…or maybe 1000 minutes on…was figuring out sourdough. If you are not a sourdough fanatic yet, no worries, there is still time. While there is a big learning curve, it has been absolutely worth it. This has been one of my most rewarding food projects to date and brought my dream of always having homemade bread on the counter, to reality. I double this recipe and cut and freeze the second loaf. That way I’m making bread every other week. I also play with this recipe a lot, adding seeds and mixing flours, but I’ll share more about that later. This recipe from Diane at Foodbodsourdough is unstoppable. Her whole website is worth checking out and she is super responsive and engaged with others- she has helped me personally with some troubleshooting I had related to temperatures and fermenting. 


Don’t let the title fool you. These are easier than expected and worth every minute to make from scratch. Do you have a fear of making bagels? It’s time to conquer it.  While they are more time consuming than my average recipe endeavors, they are also much more rewarding. It takes me about 3 hours, half of which is rise time. I’ve tried these cinnamon raisin bagels and these  whole wheat everything bagels. If you are making them for the first time I recommend you start with the first link- I found the dough easier to work with. 


These were three things I found myself buying a lot. Making them instead gives me a lot more knowledge and power in determining what I’m putting in my body. Most bread and bread products have lots of added sugar and additives you can’t pronounce. Beyond my joy of baking these things- I love knowing what I’m eating. The cherry on top is that homemade almost always tastes better. 

If you have go to dough recipes that you have on repeat- send them my way!