Hello World!

So. I did it. I made a blog. 

Which is a lot more challenging than deciding one wants to make a blog. 

Deja Vu because I definitely wrote this already and then lost it when I navigated to something else. I think I accidentally clicked on something that said ‘Premium Activated’ which is not something I necessarily meant to activate…and now I’m thinking, ‘wait does that cost more?’ This isn’t as glamorous as I pictured, even with my one week of programming skills under my belt. 

It should be noted that this whole process so far has been decision after decision. I can choose how far apart these lines and letters are, if there is a shadow on the text (???), and Opx, whatever that is. So, as someone who spends quite a bit of time before even getting to the ice cream place thinking about what flavor I’m in the mood for, this poses some challenges. Hopefully I’ll post some things yet this year. 

We’ll get there. It’s only day two after all.

I don’t even know where this blog post is going to show up. 

Edit: And now I know more things…

Like how to add headings and write a post in the same font. The struggle was so real in starting this blog and I maybe didn’t know what I was getting myself into. In classic Emma fashion once I decided to start this, I wanted to go all in. There are still a lot of things I don’t know how to do- formatting things that elude me and plug-ins that don’t cooperate are just a few. However, I am totally and 100% thrilled to be writing to you right now, on this blog post, that I now know how to write and where it is going to show up. Progress!

We all know this world has become pretty instant gratification minded and I’ve grown up in this click happy generation. Often times we want things and we want them now, or at least soon. But let me just say, it is a true joy to push through and do something that at one point, you wanted to give up on. Which is to say, making this blog has been hard and I’ve had doubts. It has and will continue to, force me to put my money where my mouth is. Because saying failure helps you learn is different than failing. And when you share your dreams or set out to do something, sometimes the failure door looks bigger than before. 

While I know I’m not too far in yet, I will say, so far it’s worth it. Little failures have most recently resulted in learning this platform. Big failures have taught me things about myself. So you could say I’m getting more comfortable with failure.

Some serious joy and relief, that came after a lot of failure with the blog design.

Most importantly, thanks for reading this. I hope you have found joy in failure recently too. If not, maybe you should try to make homemade kimchi…something I recently failed at.

Take care and happy failing! 





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