Things I’ve Made: Recipes Worth Sharing

I decided to include a section like this in the blog and see where it takes us! Developing a recipe is a lot of work and while I enjoy it, it also means that I don’t always get recipes out to you as quickly as I’d like. So I thought I’d share some things I’ve made recently; recipes I think are worth sharing. 

Cinnamon Raisin Whole Wheat Bread

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I followed almost everything in this recipe with only a few slight changes. First, I used brown sugar instead of stevia, which I highly recommend. Secondly, I added a bit more cinnamon before I rolled up the bread. And lastly, since I don’t have easy access to white whole wheat flour, I used 1/2 cup of white flour to lighten up the rest of the whole wheat.

I love that this recipe can be made without a loaf pan. I ended up with a rustic looking loaf that held together nicely. Often times I like whole wheat bread despite its dryness, but this loaf isn’t dry or too heavy! That being said, I’m used to whole wheat things and if you want a sweet and fluffy cinnamon raisin bread with swirls, this isn’t it. 

White Chicken Chili

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I’m so happy I discovered this blog because Ashlea’s writing style is so positive and her photo at the beginning always makes me happy. She seems real to me, something that can be hard to find on the internet sometimes. 

I’m just beginning to explore her recipes, but this white chicken chili recipe hit the spot. It is dairy free which is great news for folks needing that. But even if you aren’t dairy-free I encourage you to try it with the coconut milk (I only used 1/2 cup instead of 1 cup). The flavor combination of lime juice, coconut and cilantro is incredibly fresh. I will be making this again! 

Homemade Potstickers with Toasted Sesame Honey Soy Sauce

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This was a definite favorite from the month. I love homemade potstickers and this is a great vegetarian option. We used purple cabbage instead of green and next time I’ll probably substitute other mushrooms for the shiitake. I love shiitake mushrooms, but I didn’t think the flavor came through enough to warrant the cost. 

The real star honestly is the toasted sesame honey soy sauce. I am saving this sauce for other recipes- spring rolls, sushi and even for stir fry. It’s that good. I used chili sauce instead of Gochujang. And of course you can adjust according to your spice tolerance. 

Ours definitely didn’t end up looking like that picture by the way. I’ve got a ways to go in honing my dumpling shaping. 

Easy Pistachio Buttercream

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I made a cake in honor of our soccer team playing a big game. They lost, but at least we still had cake. It was a mini chocolate layer cake with pistachio buttercream. While I was a little disappointed with the cake part, the frosting exceeded expectations! 

In order to make the pistachio buttercream you need to blend pistachios in a food processor for long enough to release some of the oils and come together. Then you add a little bit of water to make it form a paste. This pistachio paste is what you mix into the butter in order to make your buttercream. 

I didn’t take the effort to boil the pistachios first to get the skins off for an extra green paste. But in the end, the frosting was still a pleasing green so I’d say it’s worth skipping. I’m planning to tuck this frosting recipe away and dream up some other good uses for it. 

Blood Orange and Hibiscus Curd Tart with a Gingersnap Crust

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In this case I definitely saved the best for last. This recipe has opened my eyes to the beauty of tarts. They are beautiful, simple(ish), special and delicious. Well at least this one is all of those things. 

It all started with trying to think of some recipes using seasonal fruit. I was scouring the web for interesting winter citrus recipes and I found this blood orange tart. No joke, I even already had dried hibiscus in my cupboard. I bought it the week before thinking I would top a cake with it or something. So I was totally delighted when I found this recipe. And as a sidenote: even if you aren’t planning on baking, checking out is very worth your time. Amisha has some of the most beautiful bakes photographed on her site. 

I did make quite a few changes to the recipe, but it was mostly due to poor time management. This is very classic for me. I’ll start a recipe for dinner that evening and one of the first things says “the day before make…” So I had to skip the candied blood oranges this time. I made the crust with biscoff cookies since that’s what I could find. And served it with vanilla ice cream instead of whipped cream.  I also rushed the chilling because our friend was over and we were on a race against the curfew here in Spain. Despite all of my missteps, this was totally amazing!! Imagine if I do every part as directed. 

I will be making this again and again.


What have you been making this month? Any new (or old) discoveries that you made recently? I’d love to get some of your recipes worth sharing. 





2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Made: Recipes Worth Sharing

  1. These all look fantastic but I have GOT to try those potstickers! Yummmm.

    One of our favorite recipes is Korean Ground Beef and Broccoli (we call it bulgogi, though technically it’s not the same) from here:

    It’s super easy and quick – cooking the rice is the most time-consuming part (of course this may be just because we love rice and tend to make it in big batches lol). Jeff requested it for Christmas Eve dinner; it’s one of his favorite things I fix.

    Thanks for the recipe suggestions included here!

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