Writing Authentically // Uninspired and Struggling

I can’t write. 

I mean lately, I can’t bring myself to write. 

I want to write. I think about writing a lot, composing various blog posts daily, but none of those make it to you (or at least haven’t yet). And while I hoped that starting a blog post about my inability to write would maybe help cure this inability, I’m coming up dry. 

So this post isn’t going to have lots of insights, solutions, or really much content at all, but it will have honesty. And that is something, from the very beginning of this, I never wanted to lose. 



When I first started this blog I wrote myself a little pep talk with the intention of going back to on days I needed it. It has sections with titles like “Why blog?” and “How will you know if you’ve lost your way?”. I haven’t thought of this document since the beginning days when I was *building* this blog (like actual programming-ish). But today, I found a nugget that I needed. 

Under the section: What do you do if you’ve lost your way? I wrote,

Remember: This is YOUR outlet and a way to share some of the gifts you have been given. If they encourage one person…that will be enough. Even if that one person is YOU Emma. 

And I did find that encouraging so I guess my plan worked. It’s like I knew to add a fool-proof logic clause so I couldn’t feel discouraged. 

Then I put: How will you stay the course? 

Keep asking essential questions like… Are you proud of this? Does this feel like you? Is this bringing you joy? 

One thing that brings me a feeling of contentment is being authentic. So this is where I’m at- uninspired and struggling just a bit. This is not my best post, but it is a post. And sharing it makes me feel proud, feels like me and writing like this brings me joy.

So I suppose I am staying the course after all. 

And while this whole thing was created as a pep talk to keep blogging, it sort of feels like a pep talk for life right now. Those essential questions can certainly be applied elsewhere. And if something you do only encourages YOU, well, that’s enough. 

And hey, I found something to write about. 

Also, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!.. A holiday I have a strange affinity for and have most of my life. My plans are not very elaborate like they sometimes are (think green waffles and cocktails or shamrock shaped cookies) but I am still planning to make a shamrock shake and listen to The High Kings. I recommend the 2008 album, creatively named The High Kings. 🍀🌈💚

Take care,

emma loise

11 thoughts on “Writing Authentically // Uninspired and Struggling

  1. Emma! I love this post and can relate- I haven’t written on my blog since March! Your process for staying the course is inspiring and helpful. I think of you often and wonder how you are doing! Glad to reconnect here again.

    1. Hey- thanks for your comment. Always happy to reconnect with you! The desire and inspiration to write definitely comes in waves, but I so appreciate the practice, sharing and hearing from people. Thanks Tracy ❤️

  2. Emma!! I thought of you on St Patty’s Day. I think I’ll always remember connect that day with you and remember your fondness for it.
    Also- blogging is hard. Thinking about a blog post you want to write is pretty easy, but actually doing it is so hard. Good on you for writing uninspired ❤️

    1. Yes!!! So many good St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans. ❤️❤️ …Not to be forgotten anytime soon. Thanks for your comment Jo.

  3. I love it when my yoga teachers talk about “just coming to the mat.” And then—a couple sentences later remind us all that it’s our practice: it’s not about cramming ourselves into certain positions that we think look like yoga. That always gives me such internal delight and I often chuckle at that point. So true right? Just show up! It’s a gift more than you know. So thank you, Irish lassie. Look forward to the next post. Or no more posts. Whatever works for you!

    1. I’ve heard that too in several yoga classes and I love the analogy here- showing up and not making it look any certain way, but the way it is! Thank you.

  4. Sorry to hear that you’re struggling. I do enjoy your blogs….not that that’s any consolation, so I hope you don’t stop. Please take care! Love you. Tomorrow is a new day!!

  5. Thanks for your authenticity Emma. You’ll never lose that. Just so you know, your blog about journaling reminded me to get out my dormant journal and begin making entries once again. I’ve not journaled every day, but with yesterday’s entry, at least I’m up to date. So thank you for the nudge. Keep on with this. FYI -I’m serving Bailey’s Irish Cream to my guests with coffee this morning 🍀🍀❤️

    1. I’m so happy to hear that about the journaling- it’s such an awesome practice that I’ve certainly found joy from this year. I’ve loved switching from a stream of consciousness, write however long I want, to a more focused few snippets from the day (although any style is great!). This has helped it feel manageable for me. Also the Bailey’s sounds delicious.

  6. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. And thank you for sharing what’s real. Maybe add some yellow to your day to mix with your “blue” for a SPD you won’t forget.

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